* * *LOCATION FOR SUMMER 2019* * *

The Summerside on the Hill Camp Office has moved this summer, as the school completes construction on the McCausland Lower School and Commons. 

  • DROP-OFF + PICK-UP Location:  Look for Summerside on the Hill signage on Willow Grove Avenue as indicated on map. To ensure the carline runs safely and effectively, we ask that you remain in your car at all times. Counselors will help buckle your child into their seat. Parking for walk-ins is located in the Admissions Lot located at the Maguire Stadium.
  • GPS: 500 West Willow Grove Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19118

  • 2018 Camp Office: You can find us in our temporary summer office in the Commons,  Woodward/Kingsley Gym complex, on the Willow Grove Campus, along Willow Grove Avenue.


Camper Info.

ALL campers must wear shorts, sneakers and a t-shirt. Sunscreen should be applied before camp starts and campers will be reminded to reapply midday.  Hats are strongly recommended, as campers will spend most time outside (unless they are in a specialty camp that requires them to be indoors).

should pack the following items EVERYDAY (please put your campers FULL NAME or LAST NAME on all personal belongings):
  • Water bottle (we will have water stations set up around campus for refilling)
  • Full set of extra clothes (including socks)
  • Sunscreen (spray sunscreen is the easiest and quickest way for counselors to help younger campers reapply)
Please do not allow your camper to bring additional personal items (stuffies, blankets, playing cards, etc.). We are not responsible for items that become lost or broken while at camp.

Camp Office

Our full-time staff are available year-round to answer any questions and to help with your summer planning. Please feel free to reach out anytime.

Camp Phone:  215-247-7272

Laura Cortes
Director, Summer Programs
Coordinator, Auxiliary Programs
Kathy Huff
Program Assistant, Auxiliary Programs

For Your Information:

All staff meet PA Certification Requirements per Law and have been fully trained before the camp season. Please know you can quickly identify the following types of staff based on the shirt they are wearing:

• ​
Director of Summer Programs = White Summerside Polo
• Camp Instructors = Light Blue Summerside Polo
• Camp Counselors = Red Summerside T-shirt, STAFF on back
Enjoy: snack + lunch is included with the cost of camp! If your child has allergies, please notify the Camp Office. 
[Lunch not included for Handworks Studio Camps]