For over two decades Springside Chestnut Hill Academy has provided quality summer camp programming on its beautiful 62-acre campus adjacent to Fairmount Park’s Wissahickon Watershed. Initially offering just a single camp for very young campers, Summerside on the Hill has grown to offer 30 camps serving boys and girls of all ages throughout the summer months. 

Thanks to our unique setting in the heart of Chestnut Hill and the school’s state-of-the-art facilities, Summerside has attracted many highly regarded specialty camp programs. We are pleased to provide these to our community, in addition to those run by our own faculty and staff.

Summerside on the Hill now offers camps for grades PK all the way through 8th Grade!  No matter what your choice, each Summerside on the Hill camp is run by passionate, enthusiastic professionals who bring their expertise to make your camper’s experience fun and educational.


There’s something for everyone!

* * *LOCATION FOR SUMMER 2019* * *

The Summerside on the Hill Camp Office has moved this summer, as the school completes construction on the McCausland Lower School and Commons. 

  • DROP-OFF + PICK-UP Location:  Look for Summerside on the Hill signage on Willow Grove Avenue as indicated on map. To ensure the carline runs safely and effectively, we ask that you remain in your car at all times. Counselors will help buckle your child into their seat. Parking for walk-ins is located in the Admissions Lot located at the Maguire Stadium.
  • GPS: 500 West Willow Grove Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19118

  • 2018 Camp Office: You can find us in our temporary summer office in the Commons,  Woodward/Kingsley Gym complex, on the Willow Grove Campus, along Willow Grove Avenue.