Outdoor Discovery Camps

Rock climbing, hikes in the Wissahickon, canoe trips, and exploring—your camper will experience the great outdoors in Fairmount Park at the edge of SCH’s campus. 

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  • Creepy Crawly Creek Critters

    Come spend a week exploring the Wissahickon Watershed in the heat of summer! What animals can we find? Where do they hide? What do they eat? How do they find their way around? Experience the creatures that live in the water and land of Fairmount Park, learn about wild plants—maybe even taste a few—and try your hand at some outdoor challenges along the way.
    This camp will be led by Marianne Maloy. Marianne holds a bachelor’s degree in natural resources and a master's degree in elementary education and has been a science teacher at SCH Academy’s Lower School for the past 8 years. Previously, she worked for various environmental education organizations. Marianne has a passion for teaching and the outdoors.  

    Dates:July 9 – July 13
    Time:9:00 AM – 3:30 PM
    Ages:5 – 7

    $375 per week for registration 4/1 or later (includes lunch and snack)

  • Outdoor Adventurers Camp

    Outdoor Adventurers Camp is designed to get boys and girls ages 8–12 outside each day to explore the Wissahickon Valley. The camp is small, limited to 15 campers and two counselors, allowing us great mobility and the ability to tackle activities that larger groups could not. We will hike the trails and learn about native flora and fauna. We will visit the Lenape Indian statue on our daylong hike to the Wissahickon environmental education center to learn how the Native Americans lived in the valley for thousands of years. We will work together and build trust in one another on the elements of the SCH Academy ropes course, high in the canopy of the tulip poplars. We will learn the basics of archery in the woods behind SCH Academy. We will venture off campus, spending the day canoeing on the Brandywine River. We will visit Ringing Rock Park and explore a huge boulder field where the rocks ring and hike a streambed to a 20-foot waterfall. We will visit the Philadelphia Rock Gym to learn the basics of rock climbing.
    Outdoor Adventurers is a great place for kids to discover nature’s playgrounds that are hiding right in their backyards while nurturing respect and stewardship for the wild spaces around them.

    Stephanie Mill is in her 20th year as a teacher and coach at SCH Academy. She has been certified to lead the low and high ropes course on SCH's campus since its inception in 2008 and has been a co-teacher of the Outdoor Adventure camp for five years. She loves the outdoors, hiking, and kayaking and enjoys sparking the same interest for the outdoors in campers at Summerside on the Hill. 

    Dates: July 30 – August 3 (ages 10 – 12) 
     August 6 – August 10 (ages 8 – 10)
    Time: 9:00 AM – 3:30 PM

    $450 per week for registration 4/1 or later (includes lunch and snack)
  • Wissahickon Walkers – Nature Camp

    Do you like going outside? Are you interested in nature? Would you like to explore the Wissahickon? Then this camp is for you! Join SCH Academy Lower School science teacher Carie Szalay as she leads nature expeditions into the woods. Put on your rainboots and explore the local creeks to see what’s living in them. Build and design a boat to see how far it can float. Design a water strider! Go outside and have fun!

    This camp will be led by Carie Szalay, a Lower School science teacher at SCH, who has 20 years of teaching experience and has taught at nature centers, museums, and schools. She holds a B.A. in biology and an M.S. in water resources science from the University of Minnesota. She has always had a love of science and nature and enjoys spending her free time outdoors with her family.

    Dates:July 16 – July 20
    Time:9:00 AM – 3:30 PM
    Ages:6 – 8

    $410 per week for registration 4/1 or later (includes lunch and snack)